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The complete robotics service

WEBB ROBOTICA, located in the heart of Veneto, has exceptional experience in the Industrial Automation Sector through the use of Robotic Systems, capable of meeting production needs through anthropomorphic Robots and complete Robotic cells that are totally designed and tested at our facility in San Donà di Piave (Venice). Webb Robotica offers full, immediate and effective support to our customers through our highly specialised team ensuring excellent after sales assistance.

Our partner

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• Robotic welding cells • Robotic painting cells • Robotic cells for machine tool tending • Robotic packaging cells
• Complete press tending cells • Robotic foundry cells • Sheet metal working robots • Robot cells for tending plastics machines
• Robotic de-burring and polishing cells • Robot cells for mechanical assembly • Robot cells for bonding and sealing • Robot cells for forging processes